2017: The Simple Theories

2016 already drifted away into the far distance waving goodbye at us, slightly fatigued, but dreamy-eyed. Tucked away in its chest pocket are bold words and letters messily scribbled away in a thick leather-bound journal. There were pivotal moments this past year - the late night elections stirring up a world-wide maelstrom, the continuing war of ideologies, the shifting of community dynamics through merging and diverging relationships, and new scientific and technological breakthroughs leaving new and old generations both starry-eyed and concerned. These moments are to be remembered and archived to propel us into the next events that define the shape and condition of our world. And as the world changes for the better, there are changes at the personal level that are equally important, because the imprint of our existence is at stake on the pathway of the horizon.  

If there are things I've learned compounded over the past 25 years, it's to shed life of the complexities and look to the deep-rooted fundamentals of humanity. And as we learn from our past, we form the frameworks of our lives, destroy existing assumptions and create new ones suited for our immediate time and environment. The new year is always a good checkpoint to reflect, review and revisit the fabric of our identity and how it stitches together with those of others surrounding us. 

1. Be grateful for all forms of novelty in your life - it helps you learn and grow
2. When you're not learning, be explorative and question yourself. This is a junction for you to reflect and re-evaluate how to escape from the status quo
3. Think about the consequences, but don't be overly cautious because it's impossible to predict every outcome; instead, be prepared to ride the ripples
4. Stay curious - it takes a lot of motivation to repeatedly find fascination in our everyday. Be investigative and ask the why's
5. Appreciate the potential of each individual in your community
6. Unconditionally love your family and your closest friends
7. Keep in touch
8. Holding onto your passions will get you through dull moments that you may encounter in life