Is this city playing tricks with my eyes or is that sunset-reflected downtown scenery for real life?! Crossing the Granville St. Bridge today at the 4:45pm mark and listening to Weeknd + Daft Punk's "I Feel It Coming"...and thinking to myself how one could not love life for moments like these. In the distance, the elegant and glorious BC mountains striking your every glance with a jolt to the visual senses; I've never seen them so clearly lined up in the horizon, competing the skyline with our man-made structures. Blue, purple, pink and grey, bouncing off every inch of glass possible, and if I squinted hard enough facing North, I could discern the tree tops on Grouse Mountain. 

  • -2 Degrees Celsius
  • A Barista with a James Franco smile
  • Queso Fundido at La Mezcaleria
  • 4pm lattes and thinking about art project ideas
  • Counting down the days until Christmas