Chasing Spring

Crêpes have somehow creeped its way up my food list this past week. And so that's how I started my morning off today. Just off of Main St. + 28th and into a residential neighbourhood is Le Marché St. George, a corner heritage home turned café with a rustic, homey and comfortable interior. Two quiet streets decorated by cherry blossoms and magnolia trees intersect at the front and local families and friends gather to sit out in the sun to enjoy a savoury breakfast crêpe with a cup of warm black coffee. As I sliced away at my ham, gruyère and béchamel heaven, a little boy sat most comfortably on the bench across me, feet hovering 4 inches above the sidewalk, holding a cone of ice cream, slowly melting away with every lick and direct sunlight above him; the epitome of comfort and a reminder of how beautiful it is to be yourself in the most carefree and relaxed state. He finished his snack with a smile and slowly rode off to somewhere on his bike. 

Afterwards, a walk around the neighbourhood was inevitable...and with the day soaked in not just sun, but also curiosities, we found this roughly decorated garage-way: 

And with the afternoon sun perfectly positioned, we played with light flares: 

And we peered through other stores and cafés to find others enjoying life like we were:

6:30pm. Nearing sunset, the last bits of light shined through: