Room in Beige

We're one week into summer and, unlike its initial track-record, the forecast and current skies are showing signs of continuous upside! But let's trace back to last week. Glorious, all-round contentment in the air was a given; I mean, how can there be not when a feast was in the cooks by our very punny Chef friend, P.W? Aside from an ongoing documentation of ribs in the making, from heavy apple-and-backyard-herb broth boiling out an aroma to die for to that sizzling on the grill indicating a perfection of crispy crusting, as I had imagined just an hour ago when our kind-of-Sommelier friend made some important decisions on red wine for pairing, we had much more to be excited about and remember, despite a day marked by charged clouds and wet sidewalks: 

1. A pineapple: ripe one day beyond optimal and also an excellent photo subject, as you'll soon see. 
2. Settlers of Catán: Frankly, my hopes were high for this. My initial pre-game predictions placed me at the top, but little did I know I would soon be hit in the face by the reality of decision-making and probabilities. 7 hay cards and rarely any trade partners established. I switched focus to watching Fifth Harmony's music video running on TV. If you ask me which of these events was less pathetic, I'd be indifferent, but in retrospect, still memorable. 
3. Cheese, Cheese, CHEESE! 
4. Bonsai Tree: I witnessed an artistic decline in a beautiful 6-inch bonsai tree caused by over pruning and snipping. 
5. Photo opportunity!: Walking down to the basement of the house, we were greeted by a spacious living area with natural lighting seeping in from the ceiling. And that beige wall was just perfection with soft shadows cast at an 45 degree angle, making it a perfect setting for two photographers to go a little snap-away crazy behind the lens. Here's what resulted: