It's satisfying to be tickled by wanderlust. The experience of venturing into unfamiliar heightens all senses and enhances the way you experience all surrounding tangible and intangible elements. It sets your mind off to think, your imagination to wander and your curiosity to meander through the big loop and obstacle-like question, "what's next?" and as you store away into memory all that is around you and label it the album of "I have travelled...", all truths, learnings and revelations that have stood out to you may carve away at an ever-changing identity and persona.

Looking beyond the eh's, maple syrup and moose.  


British Columbia is my latest home. If you can imagine where the sky meets the ocean and the mountains touch the clouds, this place is it. It boasts magnificence with grace and welcomes you with a big heart as if it has always been your home. And with a bit of curiosity and adventure, you're bound to run into an endless amount of striking beauty that this place has to offer.