For there to be contrast, there must be similarity at an elemental basis - a conceptual oxymoron. We analyze these elemental bases of life and pose them at relative extrema, placing them on comparative grounds. The “existence or lack of” then becomes a key underlier driving incremental discrete or continuous changes in either direction until equal or unequal distributions become apparent. Duality is not necessarily the notion of opposites, but perhaps rather one of ‘relative extrema’, which I find defines not only opposing tendencies (existence and lack of), but also their absolutes (existence and absence). It’s with this phenomenon of the dual construct rolling out a spectrum in between that we begin to measure the degrees of separation between both ends, with the spectrum defined by a discernible, figurative space, representative of the world we’ve each individually learned to understand and interpret. It’s amusing playing push and pull with these isolated extremities in the mind, revealing our cognitive flexibility. In this mental space of dualities, I’m certain we have all been at the outer bounds, fallen somewhere in between, and tugged and pulled in either direction, magnitudes, limits and benchmarks perceived and experienced differing per person. Here, I attempt to present this dual framework, translating the figurative via visual mechanisms and creating representations of the mind at this kind of play.

Duatlies Set 1.jpg
Duatlies Set B.jpg